Welcome, in this lesson we will be teaching you how to play Rock beats and continue our 8th note Rock & Roll drum lessons.

Ultimate Drumming’s 8th Note Drum Lesson 2 is a variation of the basic rock beat #1. Beat #2 has more of a funk type feel and can be applied to the majority of all popular rock beats.  Lesson #2 teaches the basic sticking combinations and note placement for the drum set and is a natural progression from lesson #1

This drum pattern is a popular pattern that has been used for thousands of hit songs in a variety of styles of music ranging from country, jazz, funk, pop and metal.  For those who have the Ultimate Rock Drumming Book, turn to page 4 lesson #2.

Eighth Note Video #2

Watch the video below and learn the 8th Note R&R Beat used by the top professional drummers!

This infographic below will assist you with learning the skill and technique to reach this music diversity.

Here is lesson 2 of the Ultimate Drumming 8th Note Drum Beat lessons.

How To Study This Pattern: Use in combination the video and the written notation below to develop the sticking and drum placement before adding the bass drum.  For best results, make sure you say the counting or sticking pattern out loud.

Thousands of Popular Songs With Rock and Roll Drum Beats

Rock and Roll music is very diverse and has influenced the world over

Advance The Lesson and Technique

Expand your Rock and Roll Drumming knowledge and have even more fun with Ultimate Drumming’s next lessons – 8th Note Drum Beat Lesson 3 of Ultimate Drumming’s 8th Note Drum Beat Lessons.