Ultimate Drumming’s Online Rock and Roll Drum Lessons are designed to give you expert knowledge  in the art of Rock & Roll drumming. This includes shuffles, eight note R&R, sixteenth note R&R, funk rhythms and swing beats to assist you with everything you need to know about R&R drumming. Styles ranging from classic rock, pop, alternative rock and heavy metal drumming, country, funk, blues, jazz, fusion and reggae are all included in this R&R genre. Advance your Rock and Roll drumming skill with Ultimate Drumming and have fun with the Online Rock and Roll Drum Lessons below. Explore the potential of each individual rock drum lesson and sign-up today to begin your lessons.

8th R&R
8th Fills
16th R&R
16th Fills
Alternating 16th
Triplet Fills
Double Bass
12/8 beats
12/8 Fills
Double Shuffles
8th Ride on &’s
Double Paradiddles Swing

8th Note R&R Drum Lessons Online!

These 8th note Rock n’ Roll beats have been used in thousands of hit songs in many different styles of music, including classic rock, Jazz, Blues, Country, Pop, Rock, Metal, Punk, etc. These 8th note Rock beats are easy to learn and provide the basic skills that every drummer should have in his/her repertoire. Ultimate Drumming provides ten exciting lessons that teach the popular  8th note R&R beats that are used in today’s modern drumming.

Online Drum Lessons Made Easy

With Ultimate Drumming’s online drum lessons, our students can advance their drumming knowledge and technique at home or in the comfort of their own drum studio. We have students ranging from first time beginners all the way  to professional players, drum instructors, music educators and studio drummers. Ultimate Drumming covers all levels of ability and all styles of music for  drummers who want to take their art to the next level.

Ultimate Drumming’s Rock and Roll Drum Lesson Book

Available now for sale here at Ultimate Drumming is Jim McCall’s classic rock and roll drum book Ultimate Rock Drumming. With over 15,000 possible rhythmic combinations Ultimate Rock Drum Book is the perfect addition for learning the beats and fills presented in the packages on UltimateDrumming.com Advance your drum technique today with Ultimate Rock Drumming.