Jim McCall’s Custom Drum Tracks

Ultimate Drumming with Jim McCall offers custom drum tracks for music projects including independent music projects, T.V. film and video game projects needing custom drum tracks. As an Online Session Drummer Jim McCall creates custom drum tracks from his professional studio in Lake Tahoe California. With over 40 years of experience playing drums. Jim McCall offers invaluable insight and technique for a variety of styles of music. Ultimate Drumming’s online session drumming is a simple, affordable way of obtaining the custom drum tracks needed for your music project.

Eliminate the frustration, time, energy and money in renting out a studio, hiring an engineer and then of course, having to then hire the drummer. Your fully produced Ultimate drum/percussion track includes personal collaboration with Jim McCall, sounds approval, Jim’s drumming and percussion playing, studio time, engineer, stereo mixes, separate drum tracks, new drum heads, file delivery, referrals to top pros in Jim’s network, and the use of Jim’s name and likeness in association with your project.

Vintage Gretsch Jasper Maple Drum set #1 Excellent sound for Rock, Pop, Funk, Blues.

22 x 14 inch Bass
22 x 18 inch Bass
12 inch Tom
13 inch Tom
16 inch Tom

Gretsch Jasper Maple Drum set #2 Jazz, Country, Fusion

20 x 18 inch Bass
8 inch Tom
10 inch Tom
16 inch Tom

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