8th note Drum Fills Lesson #4 from Ultimate Drumming

This online lesson provided by Ultimate Drumming is the 4th lesson in the continuing study of 8th Note Fills. Lesson #4 is a study in continuous alternating 8th notes while moving around the drum set. Improvisation and creativity is encouraged with this excellent fill

For best results learn all exercises in progressive order. For more great sounding 8th note fills, turn to pages 12 and 13 of the Ultimate Rock Drumming book.

8th Note Drum Fills Lesson #4

Watch the video below and learn the 8th note fills used by some of  of the top professional drummers in the world!

Online lesson #3 from Ultimate Drumming regarding 8th Note Fills. With more of an explanation of what makes this lessson stand out from the other lessons.

How To Study This Pattern: Use in combination the video and the written notation below to develop the sticking and drum placement before adding the bass drum.  For best results, make sure you say the counting or sticking pattern out loud.

This infographic below will assist you with learning the skill and technique to reach this music diversity.

Let’s Dig Deeper


Thousands of Popular Songs With Rock and Roll Drum Beats

Rock and Roll music is very diverse and has influenced the world over

Advance The Lesson and Technique

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